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Hot Recipes Beef Rendang

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As the name implies , the main ingredient of a dish that is a recipe beef that comes from the city of Padang , West Sumatra Indonesia . In addition to fame in their own country , Indonesian recipes has also been recognized by the world as one of the 10 most delicious dishes in the world . A heartening achievement is not it? .
Well , for those who like to do with this recipe and want to try how to make it , then on this occasion the tabloids culinary archipelago will provide tips and information about how to make beef rendang Padang famous typical spicy and savory . Ways of making the rendang can be said not too difficult , it’s just that the process is quite time consuming process due to the maturation of meat made ​​a little longer .

The main ingredient to make rendang Padang is as follows :
Prepare a typical beef cow that had been washed clean by about 2 pounds .
Then prepare coconut milk by about 1 liter ( thick coconut juice ) and 1 liter of coconut milk that has been mixed with water .

While the spices need to be prepared is as follows :
3 fresh turmeric leaves then tied into a knot in the form of
4 kaffir lime leaves as a laxative fishy smell of meat
3 stalks lemongrass that has crushed
1 gelugur acid or acid segment kandis

And for pulverized materials are as follows :
3 cm galangal or ginger
3 cm turmeric burned and cleared skin
2 cm ginger burned and cleared skin
150 grams big red chillies ( capsicum ) or to taste
150 grams of curly red chilies or to taste
15 spring onions
6 cloves of garlic
5 grains hazelnut
1/2 tablespoon coriander
1 teaspoon cumin who cook without oil ( toasted )
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons salt

The processing of rendang Padang :
Put liquid milk slowly into the skillet and mix with turmeric leaf , tamarind , lemon grass , and all the spices that have been mashed . Then averaged slowly stirred manner .

Cook the coconut milk over medium heat , stirring constantly so that the coconut milk does not get stuck at the edge of the skillet ( not broken ) . Stir the mixture until evenly for about 30 minutes then enter a cut of beef that has been cleared slowly and evenly .
Continuously stir the beef over medium heat until the coconut oil and secrete mature beef inside and out.
Lift and serve by using a large plate .
Simple tips you can do while cooking rendang :
Use pure coconut oil is squeezed from the results , instead of instant coconut milk because milk is very influential on the results because the cooking oil from dried coconut milk will affect the taste and enjoyment of the typical savory rendang .
Always use fresh meat . And do not cut it in the direction of the tendon will be difficult because the meat is tender. Cut the meat with a square shape with a direction transverse or bersebrangan veins . So that the meat is not easily destroyed , then you can cut it with a rather large size .
So that the meat is not susceptible destroyed , you can lift and separate the meat after being cooked with the marinade . Once the marinade has felt somewhat dries , then you can mix it back .
So a few tips on how to make beef rendang Padang typical that you can try at home . What do you think , does not it difficult not to make it ? .