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Indonesia Fried Rice

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Hot Recipes - Indonesia Fried Rice ( Nasi Goreng )
Here’s how to make nasi goreng accompanied with a special nasi goreng recipe is super delicious and tasty tasty for you. Nasi goreng is one of the foods most loved by the people of Indonesia that presents a distinctive taste on the tongue. So no wonder if the fried rice serve as a menu favorite family dishes.
Nasi goreng usually served during the morning for the breakfast menu or as a preparation for school. Materials and how to make nasi goreng is very easy to get, just with a plate of rice, a friend can make special nasi goreng is delicious and tasty.
For friends who want to try how to make special nasi goreng is tasty and delicious , companions can see more in this article that will discuss various ways to make a simple fried rice special fried rice following a pity to miss .
ingredients :
- 1 serving of white rice
- 1 egg
- 5 buahcabe pepper
- 2 spring onions , thinly sliced
- 1 clove garlic , thinly sliced
- 1/2 teaspoon pepper
- Soy sauce to taste
- Salt to taste
- Cooking oil to taste
How to Make :
Heat a skillet over medium heat , then enter the cooking oil to taste , then saute onion and garlic , stir and enter chili .
After that enter the egg and stir – stir until cooked .
Then enter the rice , stir until all ingredients are well blended with spices and eggs .
Finally add the pepper , salt and soy sauce to taste or to taste .
Lift and simple fried rice ready to serve.