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Hot Recipes Korean Bulgogi

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Korean bulgogi ... food of the latter is very popular but is actually how the heck do I make it ?
Materials are prepared
for bulgogi sauce - 300ml Soy Sauce
1 medium-size Apple
1 Asian Pear ( pear normal when using 2 Asian pears are not available )
1 onion
5 cloves of garlic
Put all ingredients into a blender , beat until the vegetables and fruits are very small .
Then save the sauce into the bottle .


This sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks ,
and used can be used in other recipes

Korean Beef Bulgogi Ingredients

To make the beef dish takes about 350g of beef for 2-3 people .
thinly sliced ​​diced .

add thinly sliced ​​carrots , half an onion and 3 sliced ​​mushrooms ,
put all in a bowl and add about 5 tablespoons of bulgogi sauce
and add a teaspoon or a tablespoon of honey .

Use a bowl to mix Korean bulgogi this all together and then put in a freezer bag
then to the fridge to marinate overnight . ( If necessary , but I feel it will enhance the flavor .
If you are short on time I recommend at least 30 minutes to marinate . )

Bulgogi prepared in a frying the next day and give it to taste cooking oil , fry until cooked well
 and serve on a plate .

Bulgogi recipe is best eaten with rice , salad and several side dishes . You , simply add the rice and meat for a piece of lettuce